How healthy are your teeth? Without regular dental checkups, you can't be certain. Hidden dangers, like tartar and plaque buildup, can put you at higher risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry can help you keep your teeth as healthy as possible, and check for problems, through regular dental checkups.


Your Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry dental checkup will begin with several screenings to ensure your mouth and teeth are healthy. These will include an examination of the teeth, gums, tongue and other tissues in the mouth. We will check for broken teeth, damaged fillings, changes to the gums, signs of gum disease and signs of oral cancer. If you wear an oral device, we will check this too.

This visual check is followed by x-rays to let us check for damage under the surface of your teeth. We will also examine your bite to ensure that your teeth have the right contact. As a full-service office, we handle your x-rays in-house, this ensures timely results.

Finally, your checkup will include a routine visit with our hygienist to give your teeth that deep cleaning they need on a regular basis. When you leave, your mouth will feel clean and fresh and you will feel confident knowing that your teeth and gums are healthy.


When you call Clearwater Family & Sedation Dentistry for your routine checkup, you will be surprised at how quickly we can get you in. We make it our goal to maintain available appointments within a short time frame, so you can be seen sooner than you expect. We accept most major dental insurance plans, and most will cover your hygiene visit and dental checkup.

Are you fearful of going to the dentist? Rest assured that we have your comfort in mind. Using the latest technological advances and conscious sedation options, we will ensure that your visit is anxiety-free. Call today to schedule your appointment, and make sure your teeth are healthy.